Friday, 18 March 2016

Nail Art tools used by me

Hello friends!

There is a post where I have given the information about tools used. To visit that post Visit: Nail art tools. The difference between that post and this one, is, here I will show you my own stuff and tools that I use for a nail art which are very affordable.

Following are the stuffs and tools which I use:

The Tool kit :

The pouch for tools

The tool pouch  from inside


NOTE: When you don't have a tool kit, you can always go for Hair pins and tooth pick.
 The use of these tools have already been mentioned in Nail art tools

Acetone and cotton ( For removing nail paint):



Stuffs to decorate your nails:

Stones and stamps


 This does a magic for texture nail art using different colours

Thank you. Stay tuned for another post on nail arts. Keep supporting.
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