Saturday, 26 March 2016

3. French nails with a twist!

Hello friends!!
It being a Saturday, so, its a nail art day!! Today I have come up with an art for the people who love French nails and sparkle arts at the same time.
Let's get started!

French nails with a Twist!

Follow these steps for French nails with a twist nail art :

1. Remove the previous paint by cleaning the nail paint with thinner/ nail paint remover/ acetone.

2. Apply a layer of transparent nail paint as a nail protector so as to protect our nails from damage of colour. (Important to note)

3. Apply the sparkle nail paint as you do in French manicure i.e. make a vertical line as a boundary of nail paint, then apply paint above the surface of that boundary. Make sure you dab the sparkle paint so that it spreads equally in all directions. To learn how, have a look at the video.

4. Wait for some time to let it dry. (another layer on wet nail paint could remove the layer below)

5. After the art is done, let it dry. Then put a thick layer of transparent nail paint on your nails to safeguard your art.

6. Remove the paint on side skin with earbuds dipped in nail paint remover for final finishing. (Please ignore the nail paint on my skin, I was once a beginner too!)

7. Your nails are now more beautiful than ever!
French nails with a twist

The nail art looks simple yet elegant! What do you think?
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