Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Colour colour which colour do you want..Part 1

Hello friends!

Many Questions arises in mind. When ever we want to wear a nail paint or nail art we always wonder. which nail colour to wear? Which nail colour suits me best? Which nail paint goes with which one? Which colour to choose for a particular dress? And what not...!!
Don't worry! Here are the answers. My next few posts will contain all the answers.
First of all, the concern is the nail paints. For knowing which nail paints to buy and use, Visit my earlier post: Nail art kit and nail paints

Let's now discuss about nail paint colours available and used widely.

1. Black

2. White

3. Pink

4. Blue

5. Green

6. Yellow

7. Brown

8. Orange

9. Transparent (Base and Top )


Images credits: Google

There are differently shades of these colours but they are the east going ones.
Note: Apply them as it is or use them in nail arts. They look elegant and nice!
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For the colour combinations of these nail paints, stay tuned for my new post: Colour colour which colour do you want...Part 2.
Till then enjoy nail arts and make your nails creative.
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