Friday, 18 March 2016

Nail art kit and nail paints.

Hello friends!
As you know that today is Saturday and a new nail art is on the way. Before posting a new nail art I would like to give you information about the my nail art kit and nail paints used by me. They come in very affordable price. The nail paints used by me are quite affordable too. I will give you the range(amount spent) too..
Let's have a look!

 Nail Art kit: 

The outer box of the kit
The inner box of the kit

Nail Arts

NOTE: This is how a Nail Art looks like. It contains a long medium size brush from which you  can draw ur nail arts. You can nut other nail arts too. The price of this kit is $14.24 on amazon.

Nail Paints:

In the picture above, you would be able to see a white colour stuff with fine orange head. That is a nail art too with sharp end use to draw dots, lines and flowers. The nail paints and that particular nail art didn't cost me much. Believe it or not all the nail paints I buy are under Rs. 50. The nail art is of Rs. 30. if you want to go for the costly one it is up to tour choice. There are nail paints that costs Rs. 100 each are good too. Whatever kind of nail paint it may be. always use a base nail paint i.e. transparent nail paint.

I hope you liked this post and was helpful for you.
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Thank you. Enjoy painting your nails and making then look m ore beautiful. Have an nice time.

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