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Colour colour which colour do you want..Part 2

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In the last post, we have seen the most used colours for nail arts: Colour colour which colour do you want..Part 1
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Today we will see which colours complement each other and can be combined for attractive and elegant nail arts. Whenever we go for a nail art all we are confused about is which colours should we go for or which colour do we want or how to use these colours and many more..
Let us see how!

1. Bright colours (Neon):

Bright colours always go together. Never use dark colours with these colours. White colour is always well put with these colours. Don't use black with them as it overcomes the colour effect created by bright colours. But black can be used as a base for these colours so as white.
Use black and/or white only for bright colours.
Use only bright colours for nailarts.
For example:
Image credit:

2. White and black:

No colour complements each other in a way as black and white. Only the use of these two colours completes your nail art.
Use bright and/or white colour with black.
Use bright and/or black colour with white.
For example:
Image credit: Google

3. Light colours:

Light colours are very well used in nail arts. Using sparkle/stones on them give them a really bright effect. Black is not used frequently with them but white is. Pink looks the most elegant one.
Use light colours with light colours and/or white colour.
Give them sparkle effect.
For example:
Image credit: Google

4. Dark colours:

Dark colours are either are used as it is or with black. Stones and sparkles are used but not in much amount.
Use dark with dark colour only.
Use sparkle and/stones in limited amount.
For example:
Image credit: Google

All of this was based on my experience. If you have more suggestions, please comment and let me know about it.
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For the next post that will mention which colour suits best for which skin tone, stay tuned!(Colour colour which colour do you want..Part 3)
Till then enjoy nail arts and make your nails creatively beautiful!
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