Tuesday, 5 March 2086

Let's get started . . .

Hello Friends!
I am Jyotsna Oberai. I have created this blog for people who want to learn the art of NAILART. I do not claim to be an expert, but I have come a long way with them. It is a small but a Romantic journey with Nailpaints.
I found Nailarts beautiful when I first saw them + I had(still have)  nails with sufficient surface area, so it was obvious that they got my attention. I started doing it out of a curious question, ‘can I do it?’.. Let's try, came the answer.  It was no time while my curiosity turned into my hobby, and for some of you, this hobby may turn into a profession.  
I used(still use) Tooth Picks, Ear Buds and Hair Clips for my first Nailart! It was long two years after which  I got the Art-kit. My dear brother gifted me the kit when he saw it as my boastful talent. Yeah, funny(sweet) but true. I will suggest my beginner/amateur followers to use the same equipments as they are handy and are useful for fine detailing.
I will share a Nailart on each Saturday of the week and give a stepwise description of how you can make it with equipments easily available at home. Till then, take care. See ya soon..

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Nail art tapes stripes on amazon.

Hello guys,
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Thank you.

A thought to be remembered

Hello friends,
Today I am not going to talk about the things that we use in nail arts or how a nail art is done, but something that is to be applicable to one and all. I would like to share a story with you all. Thing that I and everyone of you have experienced but ignore it or don't notice it at all.
Yesterday, it was my birthday and as I am a nail art freak, my sister gifted me this beautiful set of nail paints ( as you can see in the picture). Aren't the colours are so pretty?!!

I wanted to try them all. Try them at once. So the next morning when I woke up, I had the previous nail art on an I was too lazy to remove it. It was a dilemma!! So what I did was this, try them all at once. Crazy it is, I know (the picture says it all).

Then I looked at it, a thought came into my mind that, this looks so messy and bad. It is not even A nail art. Not even an applicable of proper nail paint, but there is one thing to consider and that it I had fun doing this, looking at it make me smile and all I learned is, sometimes we should do this out of our way, maybe that won't look  good for others but it will look the best for you. It may not be the best thing that we have done but craziest and something to cherish. I don't say that don't do your work instead I would say do your work with the same dedication as always but have some time for yourself, for the craziness, for the child in you. Remember, one thing that can make you happy, is you and your space.
I hope that this wasn't something redundant or irrelavent for you. Sorry if I had wasted your time with no intentions of doing so.
I hope you have a great life. Enjoy the little things and do good fot people.
Thank you.

Now coming tot the nail art stuffs, please stay tuned for a nail art coming soon. Till then, keep following.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Easy nail art for short nails with only random strokes of nail paints

Random strokes

Following are the steps:

1. Take whichever colour you like.

2. Draw random strokes as per your preference.
Do the same with other nails.

This completes the nail art.
It is a very simple nail art yet looks so good. If you want me to do more such nail arts, please comment and let  me know your views. Thank you.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Colourful shoe nail art for short nails using nail art tools with stepwise picture description

Shoe nail art

Things we need:

Steps to follow, for this nail art:




This completes the beautiful and funky nail art.
I hope you liked it. Keep following ad stay tuned for more.
Thank you.!

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Nail art for short nails using only two nail paints

Hello guys,
A lot of girls don't have long nails but they do like nail arts. From now some of the nail arts will contain nail arts for short nails. Please enjoy and keep following.

The Black Flower 

Things we need:

Following are the steps to wear this nail art:

I hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more. Please comment your suggestion and reviews. They are well appretiated. Thank you.
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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bundle monster nail art brushes kit with exciting offers

Hello guys,
Do you have a great nail art in ur mind? Draw them with ease, with the help of these brushes.
Amazon has brought to you an exciting offer with this kit.

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Enjoy the deal.
Thank you.

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