Tuesday, 5 March 2086

Let's get started . . .

Hello Friends!
I am Jyotsna Oberai. I have created this blog for people who want to learn the art of NAILART. I do not claim to be an expert, but I have come a long way with them. It is a small but a Romantic journey with Nailpaints.
I found Nailarts beautiful when I first saw them + I had(still have)  nails with sufficient surface area, so it was obvious that they got my attention. I started doing it out of a curious question, ‘can I do it?’.. Let's try, came the answer.  It was no time while my curiosity turned into my hobby, and for some of you, this hobby may turn into a profession.  
I used(still use) Tooth Picks, Ear Buds and Hair Clips for my first Nailart! It was long two years after which  I got the Art-kit. My dear brother gifted me the kit when he saw it as my boastful talent. Yeah, funny(sweet) but true. I will suggest my beginner/amateur followers to use the same equipments as they are handy and are useful for fine detailing.
I will share a Nailart on each Saturday of the week and give a stepwise description of how you can make it with equipments easily available at home. Till then, take care. See ya soon..

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