Monday, 11 April 2016

Nail paints acording to dress of your dress.

Hello guys,
In the last post I have discussed about the colours that suits skin tones. To have a look visit : Part 3.
Now I will tell you about the colours according to your dress.

1. Black colour dress

Go for black, white or red nail colour.

2. White colour dress

Go for red nail colour.  

3. Red colour dress

Black or white nail colour.

4. If the above colours are complemented by some different colour

Go for the colour which complements( the colour in your dress) these colour.

5. Other than colours: black, white and red

Colour that matches your accessories.

6. Multi colours in your dress

Colour the complements your accessories or the colour that is least present in your dress.

  All of this was based on my experience. If you have more suggestions, please comment and let me know about it.
You can mail your doubts and reviews to
Till then enjoy nail arts and make your nails creatively beautiful!
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