Sunday, 10 April 2016

5. Black and White

Hello guys!
The new nail art for this Saturday is up.
I hope that you will like it.
Lets get started!

Black and White

Following are the steps to wear this nail art:

1. Remove the previous paint by cleaning the nail paint with thinner/ nail paint remover/ acetone.
2. Apply a layer of transparent nail paint as a nail protector so as to protect the nails from damage of colour. (Important to note)
3. Apply a thick layer of black nail paint.
4. Wait for some time to let it dry. (another layer on wet nail paint could remove the layer below)
5. Choose any one finger. Mostly we go for ring finger as seen in my nail art and with a help of a tooth pick, draw random not so neat dots with white nail paint.
6. On the other nails draw French nail art with the help of the same white nail paint.
NOTE: Wait for black nail paint to dry completely.
(Please avoid my broken nail)
7. After the art is done, let it dry. Then put a thick layer of transparent nail paint on your nails to safeguard your art.
8. Remove the paint on side skin with earbuds dipped in nail paint remover for final finishing.
9. Your nails are now more beautiful than ever!

The nail art is simple to wear yet looks beautiful! What do you think?
If you liked this art, please stay tuned for my next art on next Saturday. Comment your reviews on. You  may also follow my facebook page, Jyotsna Nail Arts
Thank you.

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