Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Colour colour which colour do you want..Part 3

Hello guy!
In the last two parts you have seen the most used colours and their combinations. If not have a look at the previous posts at: Part1 and Part2 .
Now, we will see which colours suits the best to every skin tone. It is not like you cannot wear the colours if you like them. I am just hear to prevent you confusions,.

1. White skin tone

Nail paint colours which are bright suits them best.
Dark colours gives skin tone an enhancement in the looks.
Black, tomato red and white goes well too.
Light colours looks cute.

2. Brown skin tone 

Nail paints which are bright differs with the shade of the skin tone. More the skin is brown less the use of bright colours.
Dark colours don't go well (I am brown and so have experienced it)
Black looks really good. Bright Red goes the best.
Light colours like pink enhance their skin tone. More the shade of the skin tone, less the brightness of pink.

3. Black skin tone

Nail paints which are bright doesn't suit well.
Dark colours looks best and elegant on them.
Black too. Avoid white. Blood red looks gorgeous.
Don't go for light colours making the skin look old.

P.S: I am not trying to be racist. These are some of the suggestions from my side. Wearing other colours depends on the choices.
All of this was based on my experience. If you have more suggestions, please comment and let me know about it.
You can mail your doubts and reviews to
For the next post that will mention which colour suits best for which skin tone, stay tuned!(Colour colour which colour do you want..Part 4)
Till then enjoy nail arts and make your nails creatively beautiful!
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