Saturday, 18 June 2016

Beautiful nail art with stepwise picture description.

7. The flower effect.

Many of you guys suggested to have a blog with stepwise picture description of the nail art. As my nail arts being old, I recreated one of my nail arts, for you people. This is my first post with picture description.
I hope you will like it.
Things that we need, to perform this nail art:

Following are the steps to wear this nail art:
1. Remove the previous paint by cleaning the nail paint with thinner/ nail paint remover/ acetone.

2. Apply a layer of transparent nail paint as a nail protector so as to protect our nails from damage of colour. (Important to note)

3.  Perform the steps as described in the picture.

4. Remove the paint on side skin with earbuds dipped in nail paint remover for final finishing. ( Please avoid the nail paint on my skin). This completes your nail art.

5. Your nails are beautiful than ever!

I hope that this was more easy for you to understand.
If you want me to follow the same pattern of posts, please comment and let me know your views.
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Thank you and stay tuned for the next nail art.

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