Tuesday, 14 June 2016

12 Tips and Tricks for Nail Arts

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to beautify your nails and have a perfect finished look.

Following are some 12 nail art tips and tricks:

1. Always use a base nail paint to protect your nails from any damage. It also help you to remove your nail paint easily.

2. Use a top transparent layer on your nail art to last it longer and also gives your nail art a smooth effect.

3. While using a light colour nail paint, paint your nails white first to have a brighter effect.

4. Use white nail paint on your nails first to get the same exact colour. Because white nail paints gives a nude colour to your nails.

5. For removing a sparkle nail paint keep the cotton dipped in acetone on your nails for sometime instead of rubbing it on your nails. This will help in removing the sparkle nail polish easily.

6. Use ear buds for removing nail paint on your skin near your nail.

7. You can use toothpicks to draw flowers on your nails or any other design if you don't have tools.

8.  File your nails on regular bases to prevent them from breaking.

9. For applying another layer of nail paint, let the first court to settle, else it will ruin your nail art.

10. Never be in a hurry while doing nail art or dropping a design on your nails. Have patience, It will come out good.

11, To dry your nails real quick, use a dryer placed at a distance from your nails.

12. If you don't have a nail glue to stick stickers/stones on your nails, use the same nail paint as glue- the one which you had used as top/base nail paint on your nails.

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful for you.
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